La Stupenda - Brilliant-Cut Diamond Earrings with South Sea Pearl & Brilliant-Cut Diamond Necklace
These long-drop earrings contain a graduated tier of brilliant-cut blue-white diamonds which culminate in matching South Sea pearls of unrivalled regularity. They are set in white 18 carat gold.

The brilliant-cut diamond necklace is a unique piece which was made some years ago in collaboration with Lady Colin Campbell.  Set in white 18 carat gold, it has been  known as La Stupenda ever since the jeweller, who made it, declared that it was so stupendously magnificent that it should be called that. 

Lady Colin Campbell says,  "There is no doubt that earrings like this cannot be worn except on very special occasions.  Whenever I wear them, I know that they will do me credit.  For instance, they came in for a lot of favourable comments when I wore them with  Le Roi Soleil to the opening of the Scaasi exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  This was an accomplishment, for  some of the richest, most glamorous and fashionable women in the world were there.

"La Stupenda is in a category of its own.  I have only worn it a handful of times in the years since I have had access to it.  Something as stunning as that cannot be worn too often, for it is so memorable.  I've worn it to a dinner/dance to celebrate a royal wedding in Jordant; to one or two balls, and to the odd white tie occasion.  Every time it has an outing, people come up to me to compliment me on it. It also excited comment in Tatler Magazine in 2009, when the central stone was adjudged to be even larger than the Hope Diamond.  Whether it is or not, I do not know and of course it is not blue though it is blue/white but it is fair to say it is something of a showstopper."

The pair of diamond long-drop earrings with matching South Sea pearls of  superb quality set in white 18 carat diamonds start at £1,400,000.

 La Stupenda set in 18 carat white gold with a similar quantity of blue-white diamonds of good quality and similar size  starts at £36,000,000.
A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie