A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie
HAUTE JOAILLERIE is one of the few areas in the Arts where aesthetes and investors of genuine discernment and prescience can exert a profound and frequently rapid influence, building fine, unique collections which quickly make their names, and in so doing increase the value of their investment exponentially. 

The jewels of the late Duchess of Windsor are a case in point, their breakdown value being significantly less than their actual worth, but there are other celebrities, aristocrats and socialites whose jewellery collections are acknowledged as being exceptional in the rarified world in which they move.  One of the most beautiful of these is the varied collection of jewels which the internationally renowned authoress/ socialite Lady Colin Campbell has acquired over the years, partly through inheritance.

Best known for her books on the British Royal Family, Lady Colin Campbell has been acknowledged since the late 1960s on both sides of the Atlantic as one of the most stylish and elegant High Society women of her generation.

Born into one of the world's truly international families and married into another, she not only has the glamour of the genuine aesthete but also the √©lan of the well-born, being connected through blood and marriage to Queen Elizabeth II and most of the ruling and exiled Royal and Imperial Families of Europe. 
We are now pleased to have entered into an arrangement with Lady Colin Campbell, whereby the many unique pieces which have been made for her or her family form the basis of the HAUTE JOAILLERIE COLLECTION.   This is a Collection with a difference.  Unlike most jewellers, even top flight jewellers,  our collection cannot be bought in any shop. None of the pieces will be made prior to ordering. Each piece will be hand-made to the highest standard, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and appropriate Gem Certificates supplied as a matter of course.  The more valuable items will all be supplied with travel versions of the same at no extra cost if the client so wishes to have them.  These will appear to be identical to the naked eye, though they will actually be significantly less valuable, thereby permitting the owner the liberty of choosing when and where to enjoy the work of art in replica without having to worry about security. 

Moreover, each item will be unique.  Although The Lady Colin Campbell Collection forms the basis from which the HAUTE JOAILLERIE COLLECTION and its clients and jewellers will work, no two pieces will be identical, thereby ensuring that each item will be a genuine one-off.  This way of working affords the client the freedom to choose the size and quality of the stones, to alter the design of each piece in conjunction with the master jewellers so that they end up with a work of art that is custom-made for them and them alone, satisfying their specifications and needs in all respects.