The Mughals - Ruby & Diamond Earrings with Ruby and Diamond Bracelet
This pair of ruby earrings with diamonds is set in white 18 carat gold and  is known as The Mughals in honour of the original owner of the rubies.  It was specially made for Lady Colin Campbell.

The ruby and diamond bracelet is set in 18 carat white gold and can also be obtained with emeralds or sapphires in preference to rubies.

"I feel very privileged and fortunate  to have had the opportunity to acquire something as rare and special as The Mughals.  It was a total fluke.  Some years ago, my representative was in the workshop of one of the most eminent  jewellers in India when a dealer came in with the rubies.  He was in dire financial straits and was prepared to sacrifice them for a song as long as payment was made in cash within twenty four hours. Although my representative could not stretch to them, she saw what a golden opportunity this was, and telephoned me with the strong recommendation that I buy them sight unseen.  Notwithstanding that I was two continents away, I trusted her, so said yes.  After conferring with her and our master jeweller, I decided to opt for a simple design, reasoning that stones of such magnificence would require no embellishment, which has proven to be the case.  Not only are they jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but a  happy consequence of the starkness of the setting is that I can wear them out both formally and informally.  This would certainly not have been the case had I made the mistaken of surrounding the rubies with diamonds, for then the occasions for wearing them would have been far more restricted," Lady Colin Campbell says.

"Having acquired The Mughals, I then needed a bracelet which was complementary,   The Alexander bracelet being too delicate, and my other ruby bracelets being inappropriate for one reason or another.  I happened upon this design in Istanbul, where it was then executed for me.  It goes perfectly with The Mughals as well as with a host of other items, and I can truthfully say I have got so much mileage out of it that it has earned its keep over and over."

Earrings of a similar design and size as The Mughals set in 18 carat white gold start at £380,000.

A ruby and diamond bracelet similar in size, stones and quality set in 18 carat white gold starts at £80,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie