Green Jade & Diamond Earrings, Ottoman Bracelet, Emerald and Diamond Ring
The green jade and diamond earrings are set in 18 carat yellow gold.

The Ottoman bracelet is a mid-19th century antique set in 22 carat red gold containing rose-cut diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

The setting of the square-cut emerald ring surrounded by brilliant-cut white diamonds is primarily yellow 18 carat gold, though the diamonds are set in white 18 carat gold.

Lady Colin Campbell says, "The jade and diamond earrings are delicate, pretty and fun.  When I am feeling particularly young, I wear them.

"The Ottoman bracelet is a real work of art.  It contains Christian symbols and all four  precious stones.  There is nothing showy or extravagant about it, but it is subtly magnificent and I wear it whenever I know I am going to be in the presence of the truly discerning aesthete. 

"Whenever I am wearing emeralds, I wear this square-cut emerald and diamond ring on my left hand. Although it is not an engagement ring, it so easily could be one.  The colour and quality of the emerald is so superb that it always warms my heart to wear it."

A similar pair of green jade and diamond earrings set in 18 carat yellow starts at £12,000.

A bracelet similar in design and execution to the Ottoman, consisting of  similar  range, quality and size precious stones, set in 18 carat red gold starts at £32,000.

An emerald of similar size and quality surrounded by white diamonds of similar size and cut, set in 18 carat yellow and white gold, starts at £38,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie