Cascade Suite - Diamond Earrings & Diamond Bracelet with Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring
These white diamond earrings with marquise-cut stones are set in white 18 carat gold.  They are known as the Cascade because they possess a ripple effect when they are being worn.  The white diamond bracelet, which is also set with stones with a variety of cuts especially marquise in 18 carat white gold, is the complement to the earrings and is also known as the Cascade,  because it too provides a ripple effect when worn.  They are shown  with a rectangular, emerald-cut diamond ring of considerable importance set in platinum.

"I just love the Cascade Suite, although I confess I break it up far more often than I wear it together. 

"The earrings I find so dramatic and seductive that I find them best suited for extremes.  So I will wear them out very grandly, for instance to a ball in one of the great Stately Homes of Britain, or then out very simply, say with a black Lanvin couture woollen suit to dinner with friends. Very rarely, when the occasion calls for something funky, I will wear them, usually with the bracelet, whose extreme sumptuousness catapults it into the panoply of funkiness.  I did so recently to the opening of an exhibition of one of the Middle East's most prestigious jewellers in London, wearing a cashmere trouser suit and studded boots.  I was gratified when the designer complemented me on both the jewels and my look, not only because she is known for her style and chic, but also because I had some pretty mean competition in the form of socialites such as Hayat (Lady) Polumbo and Camilla Al Fayed (Mohamed Al Fayed's daughter).

"I often wear the Cascade bracelet with other important pieces of jewellery, but only ever in the evening.  I find it is appropriate with both formal and informal attire, which means that I get more use out of it than I would if it had to be limited to formal occasions.

"Emerald-cut diamonds catch the light far more subtly than brilliant or marquise-cut stones.  Because of that,  it is appropriate to wear the ring both day and night, formally and informally, and I take full advantage of that fact, getting far more wear out of it than I would be able to achieve with a stone of similar size but different cut."

The Cascade earrings set in 18 carat white gold with stones of a similar size and cut starts at £168,000.

The Cascade bracelet set in 18 carat white gold with stones of a similar size and cut starts at £1,340,000.

The emerald-cut ring set in platinum with a stone of a similar size starts at £950,000
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie