Diamond Long-Drop Earrings, Black South-Sea Pearl Necklace, Marquise Diamond Dinner Ring
The long-drop brilliant-cut diamond earrings with central marquise stones are set in white 18 carat gold. They were created especially for Lady Colin Campbell as a present from a friend and are known as Les Vidals in honour of the donor. 

The black South Sea pearl necklace has a diamond and 18 carat white gold ball closing.
The marquise-cut diamond dinner ring surrounded by smaller diamonds is set in platinum. Whenever Lady Colin Campbell wears it, she uses two eternity diamond rings to flank and secure it.

"These earrings are a study in stylishness," Lady Colin Campbell says. "I only ever wear them in the evening, because they are so important-looking that I would feel vulgar wearing them in the day.  They are perfect worn with nothing else but  diamonds, though I also sometimes wear them with  something else like a beautiful South Sea pearl necklace. I've never once worn them without getting a compliment."

"For a really select look that will appeal to the truly discerning, they can be paired with the black South Sea pearl necklace, which is in itself a talking point, or the grey South Sea necklace which I sometimes pair up with its black sister."

"I often wear the marquise-cut dinner ring with the diamond earrings, though I have to confess I usually wear it on my left hand, seldom on my right.  It's so grand and striking-looking that I feel that it is more tasteful to hint at its existence by not wearing it on the hand one normally gesticulates with. Not that that stops some people from grabbing one's hand and asking if one minds them having a closer look."

Les Vidals in good quality stones of a similar size set in white18 carat  gold start at £280,000.

The black South Sea pearl necklace with diamond and 18 carat white gold ball clasp start at £138,000.

The marquise ring set in platinum with the central diamond of a similar size and good quality and other stones of similar quality starts at £3,500,000.
A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie