Mabe Pearl & Diamond Earrings, Rose-Cut Diamond Ring, Horizontal Marquise Diamond Ring, Gold Bangles
The mabe pearl  and  diamond earrings are set in 18 carat yellow gold.  Despite looking solid, they are surprisingly light and very easy to wear.

The diamond ring on Lady Colin Campbell's right hand is made of rose-cut diamonds and set in 22 carat  red gold.

The horizontal marquise-cut ring on her left hand is set in 18 carat white gold with the stone surrounded by yellow gold.

The gold bangles are 18 carat yellow gold.

"These pieces are what I call my go-everywhere, do-anything-anytime-without-having-to-think stand-bys.  Without a doubt, I wear them more than anything else.  I also usually wear them all together.  The earrings are elegant,  smart and have impact, without being ostentatious. I got them years ago to celebrate publication of Diana in Private.  Although they look chunky, they are actually very light-weight, which is great when you're wearing something all day, for the last thing you want is earrings which drag down your lobes.  The rose-cut diamonds which I wear on my right-hand are also elegant and, without being flashy, anyone who knows about jewellery will immediately recognise the ring as being something desirable.  Because they are rose-cut diamonds, they are also extremely hardy, which is necessary if you want to wear something on a daily basis without having to give it a second thought. The horizontal-marquise which I wear on my left hand is large enough to be grand but simple enough to be tasteful, and of course it too is hardy so one never needs to worry about damaging it as one grabs parcels or even on the odd occasion wields a hammer, which I have done at home while wearing it.  This ring was a birthday present from a beau of mine decades ago, who allowed me to choose what I wanted, which I did from a jeweller in Portobello in London who made the most interesting things imaginable.  Because the design is so contemporary, almost funky, there is nothing ostentatious about it, which means that you can wear it from early in the morning till late at night with the confidence that you will always be sell-shod, so to speak.  And the bangles,  which I inherited from my mother, add just the touch of exotica which elevate the whole ensemble from the functional into something more erudite."

The mabe pearl and diamond earrings in yellow or white 18 carat gold start at £5,250.
The yellow or white 18 carat gold ring with rose-cut diamonds starts at £3,850.
The horizontal-cut marquise diamond ring in white and yellow 18 carat gold starts at £34,500.
A set of six gold bangles of a similar design and quality starts at £2,100.
A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie