Diamond Suite - Consisting of Necklace & Complementary Earrings Photographed with Etruscanesque Diamond Ring
This suite consists of a classical diamond necklace and complementary earrings set in 18 carat white gold.  A study in classical simplicity, the necklace is so striking that it can only be worn on special occasions, although the earrings are sufficiently versatile to be worn with greater frequency. 

"This is a drop-dead necklace which never fails to elicit the most incredible gasps of wonderment whenever I wear it.  It is so stunning that one would unbalance the ensemble if one wore larger earrings than the ones which were designed to complement it," Lady Colin Campbell says. "Although I wear the earrings a lot, I don't think I've worn the necklace more than five or six times in all the years I've had access to it.  I've worn it to royal balls, and I also wore it to the wedding reception/dinner dance  of my friend's daughter and the US Senator's son to whom I lend my aunt's tiara.  I'm always careful not to wear a bracelet with it, as one doesn't want to be accused of being vulgar, and too much of a good thing in this instance would open one up to justifiable criticism.  Because it doesn't have a ring in the suite, I always choose something that goes with what I am wearing."

The ring in the photograph is an Etruscan-inspired 18 carat white gold ring set with a large brilliant cut round white diamond surrounded by an intricately wrought setting of metal which offsets the central stone in such a way that it can be worn day or night, formally or informally.  "I go through periods when I wear something almost to death.  I have done this from time to time with this ring, which I will wear for weeks on end,  day or night, with a variety of complementary pieces.  I have worn it to Royal Ascot, to Windsor Castle, to the movies in London and Paris, on gulets in Turkey, to the local delicatessen on Madison Avenue in the 80s in New York where I go to get my fix of corned beef on rye sandwiches for lunch whenever I am in that city.  It really is a ring for all purposes, largely, I believe, because the design is so classical yet so stylish"

The suite,  consisting of necklace and earrings set in white 18 carat gold consisting of white or blue/white diamonds of a similar size of good quality,  starts at £12,500,000. 

The Etruscanesque ring set in 18 carat white gold with a white diamond of similar size and good quality starts at £380,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie