The Ottoman Antique Parasol Brooch Set in Red Gold
This brooch was made in the 1850s in the Ottoman Empire  in the shape of an elaborate parasol. Some four inches in length, with Ural emeralds and rough-cut white diamonds, it is set in 22 carat red gold.

"I used to wear this brooch almost to death, until it fell off my dress one night," Lady Colin Campbell says. "Since then, I have been careful when and where I wear it, and when I do, I touch it every few minutes to check that it is still there.  Something like this is irreplaceable, not only because it is ravishingly beautiful, but also because it represents an age and way of life that have disappeared. I last wore it a few months ago to a reception at Buckingham Palace, when I could be sure that if it fell off no one would pinch it!"

A contemporary version of this brooch, of similar size, with stones of a similar quantity and quality, set in 22 carat red gold starts at £28,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie