The Ziadie Emerald - Antique Emerald & Diamond Bangle Set in Yellow Gold & Silver
Known as The Ziadie Emerald because of its immense central stone, which is surrounded by a quantity of old-cut diamonds that  extend onto the frontal arm of the bangle itself, this piece was created in the early days of the reign of King George III, while England still retained its American colonies.  Although the significant portion of the metal is yellow gold, the stones themselves are all set in silver, which was a feature of many important pieces of jewellery at that time.

"I only wear this bangle when I am sure that I won't damage or lose it," Lady Colin Campbell says. "When something as beautiful as this has been around for as long as it has, one is not really an owner, but a custodian.  I would never forgive myself if anything happened to it, hence why I never wear it to balls or anything else where I am going to be too active.  Nevertheless, I manage to give it several airings a year, usually with my mother's emerald suite or then with diamonds.  I must confess, however, that I am more careful with it than anything else I have, and secretly check to see that it is still on my arm every few minutes especially after the clasp opened a few years ago and I saw to my horror that it was dangling perilously by it's security chain."

A bangle similar in design and executed with an emerald of a similar size and quality, with  old-cut diamonds of a similar size and quantity, set in white and yellow 18 carat gold starts at £340,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie