Antique Diamond Brooch Set in Silver
This Georgian brooch contains 52 old-cut diamonds, the central stone surrounded by ten diamonds which in turn is surrounded by another ten diamonds which in itself is surrounded by thirty one diamonds, all of which are well over a carat each, the larger stones extending to several more carats.  Like many important pieces of the epoch, its setting is close-backed silver.

"This is one of my favourite brooches," Lady Colin Campbell say, "and not only because I inherited it, though that does add to the  sentimental value.  I seldom wear it out informally, though I often wear it semi-formally or formally.  For instance, I was photographed wearing it for the front cover of my 1997 autobiography, A Life Worth Living (Little Brown publishers), and I frequently wear it on television as well as to the opera, ballet, cocktail parties, dinner, or dances and balls.  Despite being spectacularly beautiful, it is so tasteful that anyone who really appreciates beautiful old jewellery immediately falls in love with it."

A brooch executed in a similar setting in 18 carat white gold with old-cut stones of a similar size starts at £280,000. 
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie