Blue Sapphire & Moonstone Long-Drop Earrings Set in White Gold
Each of the earrings in this pair of long-drops consists of 27 blue sapphires and two moonstones set in 18 carat white gold.

"I must confess," Lady Colin Campbell says, "that I had these earrings for a good twenty years before I discovered how desirable they are.  In fact, it is only recently that I realized that they are not only versatile but extremely flattering and wearable.  They look especially smart when worn with a grey pearl (and possibly another) South Sea pearl necklace, and in the last few months I have given them outings several times a week whenever I am in London. I often wear them from early in the morning till late at night, for their length is ideal, in that they make a good showing at night but don't look like evening wear during the day."

A similar pair of earrings with the same quantity of blue sapphires and moonstones of a similar quality and size set in white 18 carat gold starts at  £2,350. 
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie