Burmese Bury & Diamond Suite - Earrings, Necklace & Ring Set in Yellow Gold
This Burmese ruby and old-cut diamond suite is antique.  It was made in Rangoon early in the last century, and has come down to Lady Colin Campbell through inheritance.

Lady Colin Campbell says, "This suite is so delicate in feeling that I only wear it very selectively. 

"I have had it since I was very young.  I used to wear it an awful lot, always in the evening, usually with ball gowns or evening dresses, and sometimes with cocktail wear.  As I have got older, I have reserved it for more special occasions. Last year I wore it with a Givenchy couture evening dress to a charity evening in London, and on another occasion with a simple organdie black cocktail dress to a reception at Christie's King Street.

"I can see a younger woman than me wearing it in the day with interesting, almost bohemian clothing, but I fear I am too old to go in for that look, so that is a pleasure I will have to forego."

A contemporary version of the Burmese ruby and old-cut diamond earrings, which  are clip-ons, set in 22 carat yellow gold would start at  £14,400

The matching Burmese ruby and old-cut diamond ring set in 22 carat yellow gold would start at.£8,700.

The matching necklace of Burmese rubies and old-cut diamonds  set in 22 carat yellow gold would start at £62,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie