Mabe & Diamond Suite Consisting of Long-Drop Earrings & Ring Worn with a Cultured Pearl Bracelet with an Intricate Emerald & Diamond Clasp and a Yellow Gold & Diamond Watch Bracelet
The drop earrings and ring in this suite consist of a central mabe pearl of superb  quality and lustre set in white 18 carat gold with diamonds. 

The four strand cultured pearl bracelet has a large diamond and emerald clasp set in 18 carat white gold. 

The diamond watch bracelet is of exceptional workmanship, the gold unusually luminous, the watch lid encrusted with diamonds in an intricate design bordered in white gold.

"I have worn this mabe and diamond suite with the Smedmore Tiara to royal balls, and during the day to formal events such as Royal Ascot and weddings.  It is truly elegant when worn together, but sometimes I leave off the earrings and wear the ring with other pearls.  This gives me the opportunity to wear it even during the day," says Lady Colin Campbell.

"The four strand pearl bracelet with the diamond and emerald clasp is truly elegant and astonishingly versatile.  Although I never wear it except at night or for formal events during the day, it can be worn with many different stones and pieces to good effect.  I truly believe that no jewellery collection is complete without a bracelet of this nature.

"The yellow gold and diamond watch bracelet was one of the many items I inherited from my mother.  It is far too grand to wear on a daily basis, but that does not mean that I cannot wear it during the day.  I wear it every year to Royal Ascot, and have worn it to Windsor Castle for the Garter Ceremony, though I wear it more frequently at night."

The mabe pearl and diamond earrings and ring with stones of a similar quality and size set in white 18 carat gold starts at £28,500.

The four strand pearl bracelet with the emerald and diamond clasp set in white  18 carat gold starts at £24,000.

The watch bracelet inset on the watch cover with diamonds forged in 18 carat luminous yellow gold, with a good quality watch, starts at £18,000.
A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie