L'Imperatrice - Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl Parure
Known as L'Imperatrice,  because its design is even more splendid than the archetypal parure of the same stones which was created for and worn by S.A.R Madame la Duchesse d'Angouleme, Dauphine of France and only surviving child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette - she  married the son and heir of  France's King Charles X,  and has gone down in history as possessing the most splendid jewels of any woman who ever walked the face of this earth- this parure consists of the finest blue sapphires, brilliant-cut blue/white diamonds, and pearls.  It is set in white gold, and is unrivalled in elegance. Despite being so jaw-droppingly stunning that it should be vulgar, L'Imperatrice somehow contrives to remain the epitome of restrained yet sumptuous good taste.
Lady Colin Campbell says, "This is a real pleasure to wear.  I have worn the entire parure, tiara and everything else,  to royal events where even crowned heads have remarked that it eclipses their own jewels.  I used to think they were only being kindly, until a friend of mine brought around a Sotheby's catalogue with the Angouleme tiara featured on its front page.  When we compared photos of the two tiaras, mine was undeniably more splendid looking (though I doubt that it is as valuable), so I've stopped disclaiming my good fortune and instead started  counting  my blessings, especially as how I can't really take the credit for having designed it." 

Like all creations of genius, the design leaps out at you whether you wear only the earrings, bracelet and ring, or add the necklace as well.  " Whenever I leave off the tiara and just wear  the necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, such as to the  Red Cross Ball in London,  the reactions I get are almost predictable.  Several strangers always come up to me and say they have never seen anything more spectacular/stunning/striking/beautiful or some variation on that theme.  Even when I zip out with just the earrings, ring and bracelet to go out to dinner informally, often wearing plain black trousers and a simple top, people still remark upon how stunning the suite is.  The pieces are truly remarkable, in that in any combination theyare guaranteed to elicit favourable comment, which I suppose is what makes them works of genius as well as true beauty."

The parure consisting of tiara, necklace, long-drop earrings, bracelet and ring in stones of a similar size and quality starts at £3,450,000.   A travel version at no extra charge is optional.

A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie