Citrine & Diamond Long-Drop Earrings Worn with a Champagne Coloured South Sea Pearl Necklace and The Jaitly Suite Ring
These citrine and diamond long-drop earrings are set in white 18 carat gold. 

The champagne-coloured South Sea Pearl necklace has a ball clasp of white diamonds set in white gold.

Lady Colin Campbell says,  "After I got the Jaitly Suite, I realized that there were times when earrings with a longer drop would be more appropriate, so I commissioned these citrine and diamond earrings from the same jeweller.  I chose to have them set in white gold because that provided me with the additional option of being able to pair them up metal to metal with necklaces of other stones, such as the South Sea pearls shown here. While I have nothing against mixing metals with the same stones, mixing them with different stones creates the effect of a hodgepodge, which is the antithesis of elegance. So if  I am wearing something that requires a longer drop earring than the Jaitly Suite earrings, I substitute them with  these citrine and diamond white gold long-drops. 

"The South Sea pearl necklace is such an unusual colour that it makes whatever one pairs it with instantly special.  Anyone who knows their jewellery will immediately recognize how rare it is.  For that reason, one can wear it with semi-precious stones such as citrines in the certain knowledge that it elevates them, while wearing them with diamonds or better still yellow diamonds makes a very definite statement of unparalleled quality."

The citrine and diamond long-drop earrings set in white gold start at £9,600.

The champagne-coloured South Sea pearl necklace with an 18 carat gold ball clasp set in diamonds starts at £300,000.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie