Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings, Blue & White Diamond Ring, Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet
These blue topaz and diamond earrings were specially made for Lady Colin Campbell and are set in 18 carat white gold. Slightly curved so that they follow the line of the face in an interesting and flattering way, they are so striking and important-looking that she only ever wears them in the evening. 

The marquise-cut blue diamond set horizontally with encrusted diamonds on the side is set in white 18 carat gold. Although she occasionally wears it to formal day events such as Royal Ascot and wore it to the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle when Her Majesty The Queen inducted Prince William of Wales as a Knight of the Garter,  Lady Colin Campbell more usually wears it more formally in the evening, despite wearing it  very occasionally in the day with aquamarine and diamond stud earrings and jeans.

The pale blue sapphire and diamond bracelet set in white 18 carat gold is an antique piece which can be worn day or evening, preferably with blue topaz, blue diamonds, blue spinel, or aquamarine in preference to a darker shade of blue sapphire. 

"These blue topaz and diamond earrings are so drop-dead gorgeous that I once wore them on their own to a royal ball with  the tiara Alexander von Beregzhasy designed especially for me,  which formed the basis of the Alexander parure.  I left off a necklace and finished off the look with  a discreet diamond watch, the blue diamond  ring, and a pale blue ball gown by the Anglo-Polish couturier Tomas Starzewski (one of Diana Princess of Wales's favourite designers).  I have never felt more beautiful and I must have looked all right, for strangers  stopped me as I was alighting from the car to tell me how lovely they thought I looked.  It was really rather sweet when a young Italian girl visiting London said, 'You look like a fairy princess.  Are you a princess?'  I said, "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm a mere lady," to which she said, "That's as good as a princess to me."

"The sapphires in the diamond and sapphire bracelet are pale enough to go very well with all pale blue stones.  I wear it far more frequently in the day than in the evening, though I do sometimes wear it with the blue topaz and diamond earrings, for they colour co-ordinate beautifully and the stones are sufficiently similar in size for one thing to complement the other."

A similar pair of earrings set in blue topaz and diamonds of a similar size and quality in 18 carat white gold would start at £9,000.

A similar bracelet consisting of the same quality and size pale-coloured sapphires and diamonds in white 18 carat gold would start at £24,000.  With darker Kashmiri sapphires of good quality the bracelet would start at £96,000.

A ring with flaking stones of white diamonds and a central blue diamond of similar size and colour would start at £5,500,00.   If a blue spinel were substituted for the blue diamond, the ring would start at £180,000.
A unique and exclusive range of the finest hand-made jewellery
From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie