Ruby & Moonstone Long-Drop Earrings, Moonstone & Diamond Bracelet, Ruby Ring
The ruby and moonstone long-drop earrings are set in 18 carat white gold.  They were designed to be light enough in weight to avoid pulling on the earlobes and airy enough to move elegantly.  They can be worn day or evening, winter or summer, notwithstanding the length of the drop.

The moonstone and diamond bracelet is set in 18 carat gold and flexible, following the line of the wrist, and wide enough to slip down to the hand. 

The ruby ring is set with rows of rubies in 18 carat white gold.

Lady Colin Campbell says, "Although I have occasionally worn the ruby and moonstone earrings out to black or white tie events, and find them ideal for travelling with because they look so important when they are worn with a stunning dress with a great neckline or when they are paired with a splendid necklace - I even wore them once with the Smedmore tiara -  I usually wear them informally.

 "I wear them with something simple and discreet like a cashmere sweater and trousers with great boots in winter, or a fun top and  trousers in cotton or silk in summer. They are so beautiful and stylish, and move so well when one is in motion oneself, that they  perfectly complement the sort of outfit that can carry one through from brunch in the late morning to dinner in the evening if one is on the hop and doesn't have a chance to change. I am sure the secret of their success is that the design is sufficiently striking to elevate any outfit one is wearing, but  because it is executed in rubies and moonstones rather than diamonds, the overall effect is always tasteful as opposed to flashy.

"Although the bracelet contain diamonds, these  are so discreetly set as foils to the moonstones, which are the focal point of the design, that it too can be worn day or night, without the danger of accusations of flashiness.  Indeed, during the day the diamonds seem to hover discreetly  in the background.  It is only at night, when they catch the artificial light, that they become more noticeable.  Because the bracelet is narrow but detailed in its simplicity, it is also ideal for a very young woman, and I have  lent it out to the daughters of friends when they wanted to wear something that made them look and feel special.

"I just love this ruby ring.  Again, it is a masterpiece of discreet but elegant jewellery.  I wear it day or night, winter of summer, formally or informally.  Although I most frequently pair it with the ruby and moonstone earrings, I also sometimes wear it on the 'married and engagement' finger of my left hand when I am wearing the Alexander  necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring without the tiara. This is because wearing something larger or more prominent would be too much, while this ring is the perfect foil, being both discreet and stylish.  For the same reason, I also often wear it on my right hand with my Mughal ruby earrings, which are in themselves so spectacular that a ring that was anything but restrained and elegant would tip one over into vulgarity."

The ruby and moonstone earrings set in 18 carat white gold start at £7,900.
The moonstone and  diamond bracelet set in white gold starts at £13,500.
The ruby ring set in white gold starts at £5,500.
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From Lady Colin Campbell in Association with Haute Joaillerie