Tripple Rectangular Diamond Lond-Drop Earrings, Triangular Diamond Bracelet, Pink & White Diamond Ring, Yellow Diamond Ring
The triple rectangular diamond long-drop earrings, called the Triple Decker by Lady Colin Campbell,  are a bang-up-to-the-minute design which means that they can be worn day or night, despite being long-drop.  The central diamonds in each of the three sections are rectangular pale pink, honey-coloured, and lilac and are surrounded by fourteen brilliant-cut blue/white diamonds set in 18 carat white diamonds. 

The square-cut pink diamond  ring is flanked on each of its four sides by a pair of round brilliant-cut white diamonds set in 18 carat white gold.

The bracelet is a mosaic of triangular-cut white diamonds set flexibly in 18 carat white gold so that the piece follows the line of the arm and wrist when they are moved.

"The Triple Decker is one of my favourite pairs of earrings," Lady Clolin Campbell says. "The colours are divine.  So flattering against the skin.  I wear them mostly in the day or when going out informally at night.  They work equally well summer or winter, whether they are set against cotton or cashmere, whether one is in the harsh light of the West Indies, the clear light of Provence in France, or in the dullness of a wintry or overcast New York, Chicago or London day.  Ten years ago, of course, one would never have been able to wear something like this in the day, but now that the fashion has changed, it's great to be able to wear a really glamorous long-drop pair of earrings in daylight.   Often I wear them with the pink diamond and white diamond ring and one or two South Sea necklaces usually either the white or grey pearls or both together.  And if I really want to go all out, I also wear a pink spinel and diamond bracelet I was given as a present, as well as a pink diamond ring which is a real show-stopper.  Because the colours are so gentle, one can get away with it without looking as if one is La Belle Otero competing with Diane de Pougy."

The Triple Decker set in white 18 carat gold with diamonds of a similar size and good quality starts at £125,000.

The triangular diamond bracelet in 18 carat white gold starts at £215,000.

With a central stone of pink spinel flanked by brilliant-cut white diamonds  set in 18 carat white gold, the ring  starts at £78,000.  With a pink diamond of similar size and  quality instead of the pink spinel, one would be looking at something in the order of £2,650,000.

The ring with a similar sized yellow diamond and white diamonds set in white 18 carat gold starts at £2,415,000.
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